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Handmade Spoon Sweets

Spoon Sweets are an integral part of our tradition.
They are healthier than any other sweet, as they contain many nutrients, such as vitamins & minerals and do not contain fat. After all, even a small spoon will suffice to cover our desire for sweets.

They are prepared from fresh fruits of all seasons at the right time of ripening, they are properly processed and then with the addition of sugar & lemon they acquire their unique taste and aroma.
A wide range of Spoon Sweets which can accompany from breakfast to your most gourmet sweets!

The sorting and cleaning of the fruit is carried out with the power of manual labor full of dedication, being the first stage of a careful but also qualitative process.

Unique Handmade Spoon Sweets with the Authentic Traditional Homemade Recipe of our Smyrna Great-Grandmother, with only pure ingredients, lots of love and passion, without any preservatives, aromas, colorings or any other substance.