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Handmade Spoon Sweet Orange

Handmade Spoon Sweet Orange
Handmade Spoon Sweet Orange


Aromatic, Juicy, Delicious and Nutritious Oranges are one of the most popular fruits in the world. It belongs to the citrus family and we tend to enjoy it both whole and in juice.

Unique Handmade Spoon Sweets & Jams with the Authentic Traditional Homemade Recipe of our Smyrna Great Grandmother, with only pure ingredients, lots of love and passion, without any preservatives, aromas, colorings or any other substance.
We have chosen the most special fruits and with the most natural ingredients we offer them to you in a unique sweetness with the authentic traditional taste and aroma.

All our sweets are made to order with 100% fruit, sugar & water ingredients.

It is delightful to eat it plain, but it can accompany your breakfast, your yogurt, your ice cream, your dessert, and anything else your mind can think of, let imagination exist.

Available in a jar:

40ml   -> 0,95 €
50ml   -> 1,50 €
106ml -> 1,95 €
212ml -> 2,80 €
370ml -> 3,90 €
500ml -> 5,50 €

1Kg    -> 10,40 €

Minimum order quantity Spoon Sweet 1000ml = 1Kg

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