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Gift Package
Gift Package
Gift Package
Gift Package
Gift Package


Are you invited to a house?
Are you invited to the table?
Are you invited to a birthday or celebration?
Are you going to visit?
Do you want to give a gift as a thank you?
Are you invited to an occasion and don't know what gift to get?

Do you want something different, something special, something handmade that gives another value to the thought and the gift!!!

We have the solution for you with the Gift package with 3 decorated jars of 106ml Handmade Spoon Sweet or Jam any flavor you want or a combination of flavors.

Thank you sticker decoration on the cap, white lace sticker or pink lace sticker and string bow.

Unique Handmade Spoon Sweets & Jams with the Authentic Traditional Homemade Recipe of our Smyrna Great Grandmother, with only pure ingredients, lots of love and passion, without any preservatives, aromas, colorings or any other substance.

We have chosen the most special fruits of the season and with the most natural ingredients we offer them to you in a unique sweetness with the authentic traditional taste and aroma.

All our sweets are made to order with ingredients of 100% seasonal fruit, sugar & water.

Cost / Piece : 8€

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