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Rejuvenation basket with handmade natural products

Rejuvenation basket with handmade natural products
Rejuvenation basket with handmade natural products


Bring the spa to your home with handmade natural products full of essential oils, herbs and aromatics that treat the body in the healthiest and most natural way!

Basket with a jar of sweet delight (any flavor of handmade spoon sweets or jam you want), aromatic soaps (with any photo, image or message you want) & aromatic bath bombs for perfect rejuvenation.

What could be more beautiful & refreshing, after a long day, a warm aromatic bubble bath with balls that foam and release a fantastic aroma filled with essential oils.

The ideal gift for your loved one, your friends, your relatives, godmother, grandmother, mother, partner, colleague and even a gift for the visit you have to go, birth, baby shower, gender reveal, birthday, celebration, wherever you can imagine it is a gift that shows how much & truly you think of the other person.

Unique Handmade Spoon Sweets & Jams with the Authentic Traditional Homemade Recipe of our Smyrna Great Grandmother, with only pure ingredients, lots of love and passion, without any preservatives, aromatics, colorings or any other substance.

We have chosen the most special fruits of the season and with the most natural ingredients we offer them to you in a unique sweetness with the authentic traditional taste and aroma.

All our sweets are made to order with ingredients of 100% seasonal fruit, sugar & water.

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